Complete Pathogen Detection In A Single Test.

PathGEN Dx Pte. Ltd. leverages advances in genomics to progress pathogen detection. We have developed a kit for the comprehensive detection of pathogens in a single reaction.

Through a strategic alliance with Affymetrix, our first RUO product, the patented gene chip platform - the PathGEN® PathChip was born.


The PathGEN® PathChip Kit comprises of proprietary reagents, a custom GeneChip® and automated software that detects the presence of more than 70,000 viruses and bacteria from a wide variety of human samples and provides a clear and concise report on co-infecting pathogens.


Our second product, The PathGEN® PathSEQ® Virome, is a BaseSpace™ Application that takes NGS (next generation sequencing) data, analyzes them for viruses and then provides an easy to interpret PDF report.